Wrong writing

False text in which there are a lot of things. Yes, there are a lot of things in the middle of this writing. If you think that it will be useful to you, then it will take you to work. Get used to writing in your own language. Remember the writing is meaningless when you think it is meaningless; And the text creates the meaning, when you pour money into it. Any writing can make sense to you, if you can not see money there. … a cure? No, why would it be?

If you want to apply that, before thinking about using it, think, are you obsessed with the magic of that statement? If you are sure that you are not accustomed to being caught in an obscure environment, you are not able to teach others, then be confident, move on safely. You know that, understand, do it yourself; Remember, to follow what you are following, it is urgent to realize; There is no scope to be confused here.

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