Special Alhfa 15W40

Characteristios Method Unit Typical Value Product Name PRIMA FORMULA 0W40 Product Code PVLG49027 SAE Grade 0W40 Density @ 25ºC ASTM D 4052 g/cc 0.843 K. Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D... Read More

Ultra 10 SAE 15 W 40 API: CH-4/SJ

Ultra 10 (15W40) has been developed as quality engine lubricant providing excellent performance in diesel engines and gasoline engines with and without turbo-charging in cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural, construction... Read More

Ultra 9 SAE 15 W 40 API: CF-4/SG

Ultra 9 diesel engine oils are designed to provide the highest protection, cleanliness and superior drain intervals with the lowest friction for your petrol, diesel, motorcycle or marine engine. It is... Read More

Ultra 8 HD 50, HD 40 & HD10W API: CF/SF

Ultra 8 HD 50 Diesel Engine Oils are heavy duty mono-grade medium formulated from solvent refined mineral base stocks. These oils contain advanced additives to ensure engine protection in a range... Read More

Ultra 7 HD 70-SAE 50 API: CF/SF

Ultra 7 HD 70 is a mono-grade oil for Classis and Vintage vehicle it has good detergency and it is from highly refined neutral base oils with additive treatment to... Read More

Ultra 6 HD 50 API:CD/SF

Ultra 6 is an Engine Oil represents an economical approach to many aspects of lubrication. The products may be used in diesel and petrol engines where viscosity and performance level is... Read More

Ultra 5 HD 40-SAR 40 API:CD/SF

Ultra 5 HD 40 is a high quality solvent refined mono-grade mineral base oil with the addition of a low-treat detergent and dispersent additives. It is specially formulated for moderate conditions. It... Read More


ULTRA 4 SAE 10W it is a monograde diesel engine oil, it is formulated from a high quality of base stock and selected additives to give excellent detergency and dispersancy,... Read More

Ultra 2 HD 50-SAE 50 API: CC/SC

Ultra 2 HD 50 is a mono-grade non-detergent engine oil for diesel engines. It is highly refined solvent neutral base oils with additive treatment to provide oxidation and wear resistance. Operating... Read More